Friday, May 6, 2016

Office Cleaning

 Here’s a scenario :  You’re sitting at your desk working when your boss orders pizza for all the staff of the company. After the staff has eaten your boss does not realize the whole company has eaten slices of pizza at their desk without as much as wiping away the grease and the soda spills. You immediately  get in this crazy cleaning mood, and run to grab a large roll of paper towels and some pine and mop buckle.

You begin to  wipe down the entire desk and mop the floor, it looks much better than before however, on the other side of your vision you glance at your computer monitor and it's grease.  You take warm water and a towel, and turn  off the monitor because it will be easier to see the areas that are dirty or oily.  When you're about to walk away feeling you've accomplished your mission,  you feel the door handle of the office grease,that when you realize the job isn't far from over. So, you grab the Clorox wipe to clean the door hand.

Here's another scenario,It’s that time of year when we’re impatiently waiting for arrival of spring and summer activities .We start out by making a check list of things that need to be done,of different damages that were caused by the winter weather. You begin to check your floors, shelves, and drawer's that are difficult to open or close or  rack that are loose on the wall. There are several small items in need of repair that you have put off fixing, so you work around the inconvenience like the situation so long that, most of the time, it doesn’t even seem like a problem any longer.

 You’ve told yourself that any one of these jobs is just too small to worry about right now.  You’ll get around to fixing all of them one of these days.  But more days go by, instead of list things you just  let it build up larger,so you’ve learned to work around the inconvenience for quite a while, in fact the situation get unbearable  to live with, so you try to  finding new ways to live with the problems.  But, as days going by knowing that these situations don’t go away, or get better on their own. so you try to fix on your own or call in an expert..

That’s where   can come in, .To bring higher market value to your facility or home regardless of the size or multi site location we can offer affordable rate to fit any budget for all your facility or home  maintenance needs. Our qualified craftsmen can handle more than 2,362 home repair projects, large and small.  With paperless work orders and providing valuable documentation and also reporting the conditions of your facility or home with a detailed customer reports. With one consolidated under one roof to reduce our cost of insurance to protect our customers. In a single visit,

 Here some office cleaning tips:
 Here some tips for computer monitor:

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